Cocktails – s/t 7″ EP


Today we’ve got the newest release from Father/Daughter Records out of San Francisco/Miami. It’s the debut 7″ EP from San Francisco slop-pop crew COCKTAILS, who recorded the material with Matthew Melton and Rob Good of Warm Soda/Bare Wires.

The 7″ offers four tracks of bubbly garage pop driven by the squeal of fuzzy, concentrated guitars, blown-out boy/girl vocals and glimmering synths for some added color. Take closing track “Tear It to Pieces” with its swift guitars and energetic vocals as proof, serving up an infectious hook filled out with chanted vocals and hand claps for a dazzling finish. “Hey Winnie” quickly becomes another instant classic, showing off excellent pop-song sensibility by delivering a quick track that fits in a bit of everything from fiery guitar soloing to throbbing bass lines. In the end it’s another quality release from the Father/Daughter label and it has no trouble at all fitting into their growing catalog. Hear some tracks below for a positively poppy start to your day.

Genre/ Tags: Pop, Garage Rock, Lo-Fi
s/t 7″ EP: Tracklist:
1.) No Blondes (In California)
2.) Hey Winnie
3.) Willowbrook Lane
4.) Tear It to Pieces

PREORDER the 7″ directly from Father/Daughter Records – ‘blonde’ edition limited to 150 !
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