Diver Dress – Sink 7″

diver dress sink 7

Four-piece band DIVER DRESS started as the one-man project of Aaron LeMay in the summer of 2011. Hailing from Minneapolis, LeMay recruited friends to help bring the songs to life and Diver Dress was born.

Some time passed after their formation and the band took to the basements of Minneapolis to record this debut 7″ in the summer of 2012. The end result produced this quirky, guitar-driven strand of pop with a gritty, metallic complexion, sharp, melodic guitars and a good bit of unpredictability.

Opener “Sink” speaks for most of these qualities while another track like “Untitled #1” brings in more of the unpredictability factor. The start/stop nature of the song makes it more challenging than others, especially when they change gears and switch up the tempo in the final minute. Following that, “Untitled #2” comes on strong with its hazy and invigorating guitar leads, creating a propulsive punk edge with blown-out textures that’s absolutely buried in fuzz. “Spiders” closes out the 7″ on a heavy note with chanted vocals and deep, jangly percussion, wrapping up a single that is equal parts pop, punk and noise. Don’t let the noisy factor fool you – for something this harsh and fuzzy it’s also easy to listen to. Find out by listening to these few tracks below.

Genre/ Tags: Pop, Noise Rock, Punk, Lo-Fi
Sink 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Sink
2.) Untitled #1
3.) Untitled #2
4.) Too Late
5.) Spiders

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DOWNLOAD the 7″ for FREE from their Bandcamp
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