Hundred Visions – Permanent Basement

hundred visions permanent basement lp 2012

Hailing from Austin, TX, four-piece band HUNDRED VISIONS come bearing an album with all things rock and roll along with a couple of unique and poppy tricks up their sleeves.

As far as something like rock and roll or even garage goes, this LP is not as crunchy as something like Thee Holy Ghosts or the Raw Nerves. What makes this album different is that it’s cleaner overall and they play with some more experimental qualities – like they’re not afraid to step out of their comfort zone and take a stab at something a little different. Tracks like “Last Cab from Tunis” or the engulfing fury of “Red Tide” should help prove that, where the earlier comes off particularly invigorating and dancey. Others like “Sensory Kid” or “Where Do I Sign” offer up a more straightforward formula as far as pop/rock goes, keeping the beat flowing relentlessly through two pulsing album highlights. Tracks like these are more or less the bulk of what this band is capable of, but things tend to get even better when they throw a curve ball. That’s a promising quality right there folks.

Hear this smoking batch of songs below taken right from the Hundred Visions Bandcamp. And it doesn’t look like Permanent Basement is available on vinyl, but we can always hope right?

My Rating: SS
Genre/ Tags: Alternative, Pop, Punk
Permanent Basement: Tracklist:
1.) Hot Trash
2.) Sensory Kid
3.) Last Cab from Tunis
4.) Where Do I Sign
5.) Let’s Go Young
6.) The Light That Starts the Day
7.) Red Tide
8.) Make Somebody Happy
9.) Walk Right Up
10.) Regina, Hold the Line

BUY the digital LP directly from the band on Bandcamp
Hundred Visions on Blogspot
Hundred Visions on Facebook

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