Song of the Day #35 – Mud Mouth – “Reset”

mud mouth st lp 2012

Self-described as a “jangle junk punk pop band,” MUD MOUTH come bearing a scuzzy strand of fun-loving and noisy pop from San Francisco, CA. All of the thirteen tracks on their s/t LP end up following a similarly short, sloppy, and straightforward pattern, overall clocking in at just over twenty minutes in full. Each new song is bursting with grainy and caffeinated guitar hooks as they plow through tracks with little remorse that never pass the two minute mark. Album closer “Reset” wraps up the LP with its gritty and concentrated guitars, exposing a sharp and melodic solo right in the middle. Other snarling tracks like “I Hope It’s Funny When I Die” or “Plug” again puts Mud Mouth’s trashy innocence on display, eventually closing out an album with equal parts punk, pop and slop.

You can listen to “Reset” right below and if those hooks sink in deep, you can hear the rest of their LP on Bandcamp!

Genre/ Tags: Pop, Lo-Fi, Punk

HEAR the rest of the LP on the Mud Mouth Bandcamp
Mud Mouth on Facebook
Mud Mouth on Tumblr

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