Jensen Serf Company – Electric Sister 7″

jensen serf company electric sister 7 daddy kool records 2012

After a split cassette on the Sturdy Girls label last year, JENSEN SERF COMPANY come back with a new 7″ on Daddy Kool Records. Hailing from St. Petersburg in Florida, this duo brings us some twisted garage rock that is all their own.

Considering the quality of material that came with their debut cassette, it was tough not to go into this single with high hopes. That tape featured an experimental form of weirdo, psyched-out garage rock and this 7″ only continues the wild pace. Considering their experimental qualities, JSC has this tendency where their songs can suddenly change direction right in the middle, leaving you in a dazzled state as you try and to figure out what hit you. A four and a half minute track like “Freak Museum” goes a long way to speak for that claim – it gives the duo plenty of time to assault our ears with the crunch of staggering psych guitars and breezy, surfy, strung-out pop that’ll have you spinning this stuff all night. Aside from that, another track like “Memory” becomes an instant classic with its twangy guitar leads and propulsive energy.

So after their initial tape and this new 7″, it would be a smart move to keep a close eye on Jensen Serf Company. Now let these songs below do the talking.

Memory –

Freak Museum –

Better Man –

My Rating: SS
Genre/ Tags: Garage Rock, Alternative, Experimental
Electric Sister 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Electric Sister
2.) Memory
3.) Freak Museum
4.) Better Man

BUY the 7″ directly from the band on Bandcamp
Jensen Serf Company on Facebook
Jensen Serf Company on Tumblr

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6 thoughts on “Jensen Serf Company – Electric Sister 7″

  1. I love these guys, thanks to you. You recommended them to me when their split came out & I was HOOKED…SO excited about this new release, listening now & it’s seriously great. I love they way they mess things up so perfectly. Wish they would do a whole album!

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