Bad Vision – 112 7″

bad visions 7 visions 112

Melbourne four-piece BAD VISION self-describe their scuzzy sound as garage rock/proto punk. They’re putting the finishing touches on their debut 7″ with a launch show tomorrow (January 12th) at the Old Bar in Melbourne.

Considering the invigorating qualities of this double A-side 7″, the show in Melbourne on the 12th sounds like a positively awesome time. The only bad news about that is for us up here in the States, because we’d have to travel halfway across the world to get there!!

The good news again is that a 7″ like this one would make it all a worthwhile trip – the single starts with the surfy introduction of “112” that leads us face first into this rollicking 7″. Spiny, dagger-like guitar leads spearhead “112” from start to finish, revealing a sharp and mangled solo toward the end to drive it all home. Reverb-heavy vocals and crushing percussion lead the way in a stomping fit, sealing up one hell of an introductory track from Bad Vision. B-side track “Visions” keeps the rage going strong with another trashy and ferocious pop anthem – chunky, concentrated guitar shards combine with their manic energy to create one last destructive pummel to sink our teeth into.

If you’re thinking like us, this lone 7″ just wasn’t enough. Sit tight until late 2013 when these guys drop their debut full-length. This early into the new year and the anticipation is already building – it’s going to be a good year! And if you’re in Melbourne tomorrow night, don’t sleep on this show!

112 –

Visions –

My Rating: SS
Genre/ Tags: Garage Rock, Pop, Punk
112 7″: Tracklist:
1.) 112
2.) Visions

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