Song of the Day #34: Teen Mom – “I Wanna Go Out”

teen mom mean tom ep 2012 analog edition

My inbox was blown up many times about this TEEN MOM EP and rightfully so. They’re a trio from Washington DC and while their sound doesn’t totally fit our mold around here, you’re still going to want to pay attention. They just dropped the EP titled Mean Tom (in a short edition of 300) from the Analog Edition label which is also based in DC, bringing us all a 21 minute serving of their brisk, tight and refreshing indie pop.

This all quickly becomes clear in a dazzling track like “I Wanna Go Out,” which just may be the highlight of the whole EP. Lead singer Chris Kelly guides us through the track in his airy, blissful tone, standing out like a sore thumb against a backdrop of fuzzy guitars and wonky bass lines. His voice is easily the strongest detail within, sounding crystal-clear as he coos and bends his pitch in the process. Together these elements create an invigorating pop hook as they all come together in the sweeping chorus. Then in the final minute they begin to lay it on heavy and you suddenly find yourself amid crashing percussion and Kelly’s soaring vocals. After that, strangely enough, you’ll find yourself hitting the repeat button for this gem.

You can hear the track right here and if that does the trick, you can grab the EP from the Analog Edition store. Go get one!

Genre/ Tags: Pop, Alternative, Indie Rock

BUY the EP directly from Analog Edition Records – limited to 300 !
Teen Mom on Facebook

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