Song of the Day #33: Star Spangled KGB – “Jewel”

STAR SPANGLED KGB of Elmhurst, IL sent us over their new album Stargazer and it quickly sounded like something that would fit in around here. With an introductory track like “Safely Aboard the Mother Cell,” it’s hard not to get a little curious and see what this is all about – a wave of gentle, spacey psych slowly gathers us into its sweeping haze, revealing swirling guitar textures and colorful organs that begin to paint a bigger picture of the whole album. Needless to say, with thirteen tracks to dig through (totaling nearly an hour of space rock), there was clearly something to be found here. “Jewel” goes to show what these guys are capable of, starting out on a dark, dirgy note that suddenly pops off into raging psychedelia. They begin to lay it on heavy right in the middle of everything, taking the track to intense new heights as we’re blitzed by their wall of noisy, mutilated fury.

Hear “Jewel” right below, then you can head over to their Bandcamp and download the album for free! Don’t miss out!

Genre/ Tags: Space Rock, Psychedelic, Alternative

‘Name Yr Price’ for the album on Bandcamp
Star Spangled KGB on Facebook

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