Baby in Vain – Machine Gun Girl 7″

Hailing from Copenhagen, BABY IN VAIN seem to have taken the city by storm with their live performances. Machine Gun Girl is their latest single, followed by another 7″ before the end of the year and a six track EP in early spring.

Baby in Vain operates as a trio of Andrea Johansen, Lola Hammerich and Benedicte Pierleoni-Nielsen. None of the girls are past the age of 20 (going as young as 16), playing with the likes of Ty Segall when he’s in town. With that being the case, these girls must put on massive live performance. If you’ve already taken a minute to listen to Machine Gun Girl, then you’ll already know what’s up.

“Machine Gun Girl” is a moody one, spearheaded by the bold of fiery vocals of both Johansen and Hammerich. While their vocals definitely stand out, it’s the guitars that end up being the highlight on this dirgy 7″. Both girls howl with authority through the bluesy and sinister sound, ultimately helping to create the heaping wall of stoner-rock psych that dominates this single. It’s a real bluesy drag with plenty of pent up aggression, fluctuating momentum between their lethal sound and a sparse and careful midsection. This creeping vibe continues with a primal and tom-heavy drum beat, leading us into a final invigorating half-minute to wrap up the track.

B-side track “The Catcher” easily flows from a similar vein of “Machine Gun Girl.” It features a crushing solo right in the midst of the scorching madness, hereby proving the caliber of guitar work you’re going to encounter on this electrified single. Hear the 7″ in its entirety right below.

Genre/ Tags: Grunge, Alternative, Blues Rock, Psychedelic
Machine Gun Girl 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Machine Gun Girl
2.) The Catcher

BUY the 7″ directly from the Baby in Vain Store
Baby in Vain on Facebook

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