Straight Arrows – All the Time 7″

The Italy-based Goodbye Boozy Records is at it again. This time around they dropped four new 7″ singles, with this first coming from STRAIGHT ARROWS of Sydney, Australia.

This single brings us two new tracks from these Sydney based fuzz-rockers, forging a smoking path of searing guitar scuzz and crushing, reverb-drenched vocals for a hard-hitting combo. “All the Time” is driven by sharp and concentrated guitar licks along with the thud of the percussion underneath, making for a ravaging finale in the final minute with a destructive, world-ending sound. B-side “Hilton Bomber” offers a more consistent pummel with its rowdy edge, blowing down the doors with a simple yet unhinged guitar hook that drives the song with its fiery, alt-country twang. It splits open about midway through with a gritty crunch, sustaining the noisy, blown-out pace of this wild track.

In the end, we can easily say it’s just another quality 7″ from the folks at Goodbye Boozy – and there’s still three more where this one came from. Go listen to them!

Genre/ Tags: Garage Rock, Pop, Lo-Fi
All the Time 7″: Tracklist:
1.) All the Time
2.) Hilton Bomber

BUY the 7″ – looks to be all sold out !
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