Cop City/ Chill Pillars – Hosed

It’s the one and only COP CITY/ CHILL PILLARS from Lake Worth in South Florida. Hosed is their sophomore LP for the Florida’s Dying label, capitalizing on their shaky debut from last year and progressing outward in all the right ways.

Right now, the thing that’s making Hosed stand out from any other record in 2012 is for the simple, crucial fact that nothing else sounds like it. That’s no exaggeration either. Even thinking back to their debut, these guys have tightened up their sound enough to the point where you could say they’ve turned a new corner. The hard part is saying exactly what they’ve discovered around that corner. “Black robes, torches, mind-control, mock human sacrifice rituals and worship of Moloch the ancient Canaanite deity. These are just some of the images conjured up by Hosed, the long awaited follow-up from Lake Worth, Florida’s own Cop City/ Chill Pillars.” Said best by the label that pushes this filth, you probably couldn’t find a more fitting depiction.

The Pillars of Chill have certainly left us with a challenging record here, one that’s so strangely satisfying you can’t help but pay close attention. Once again said by the folks at Florida’s Dying, this record sees the band taking “the next logical step” in their sound – now we’re all left wondering exactly what that change left us with. Hosed brings in twelve new tracks of their squishy, strung-out brand of psych-pop, quickly showing off ripping saxophones, washed-out guitar textures and an overall wobbly presence in album opener “Cleaning the Pool.” This soon becomes the pattern of the LP, leaving us with all kinds of twisted and uneasy psych-pop jams like “My First Electric Guitar”, “Call the Doctor,” “Steady Wild” or “Amateurs.”

An early track like “My First Electric Guitar” goes to show what Hosed is all about with its possessed monotonous chanting, slimy, dazed-out guitars and sludgy, sci-fi synths. Underneath the grime these turn out to be some maddeningly catchy tunes, one major culprit being the hauntingly hellish descent of “Amateurs.” It takes form with wonky bass lines and mushy guitars, creating a soggy sound as the downward spiral begins to unfold, simultaneously exposing us to everything this record has to offer – fuzzy, washed-out textures, gloomy vocals and the troubling reality of complete mind-control.

Once it’s over, you’ll be yearning to hear this puzzling sound over and over again. You can grab a copy of the vinyl from Florida’s Dying to keep this filth spinning all day. Considering it’s Black Friday, it’s the best day could buy it – the LP is on sale for 20% off. You could even snag the 2 for 1 bundle and get CC/CP’s firts LP Held Hostage on Planet Chill along with Hosed for a ridiculous $16. Do it, right now.

Cleaning the Pool –

High and Tight –

Amateurs –

In Love with the 21st Century –

My Rating: SS
Genre/ Tags: Experimental, Psychedelic, Post-Punk, Pop
Hosed LP: Tracklist:
1.) Cleaning the Pool
2.) High and Tight
3.) My First Electric Guitar
4.) Call the Doctor
5.) Ride Donkey Ride
6.) Far Out Freaky Stuff
7.) Vitamin CCCP
8.) Steady Wild
9.) Amateurs
10.) Stomach
11.) Back of the House
12.) In Love With the 21st Century

BUY the LP directly from Florida’s Dying (20% off for Black Friday!)
BUY BOTH CC/CP LPs for only 16$ – “Double the city, double the chill.”
Cop City/ Chill Pillars on Myspace

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