Quailbones – Crane Wilbur 7″

QUAILBONES are a five piece band who come bearing their weird, wobbly pop from Murray, Kentucky. Crane Wilbur is their latest 7″, coming in a short edition of 100 copies from Ghost Orchard Records.

“Crane Wilbur” starts the 7″ on a spastic note, quickly showing off a frantic pace with jangly guitars and throbbing bass lines. The track offers a straightforward approach along with this relentless guitar jangle, simultaneously bringing a bit of noise into play with their constant metallic snarl. It’s a shaky combination and certainly becomes a pattern on their 7″, eventually leaving us with three cuts of this noisy pop.

Their sound is put on display nicely again in “Antler Chandelier.” It’s a quick two minute banger, riding through break-neck speeds and the constant thud/crash of percussion. Echoing vocals seem to be bouncing off the walls in all directions, all coming together for an equally noisy and unhinged sound. But despite its noisy qualities, it’s all very up-beat and energetic, making this stuff fun and strangely accessible. “Belligerent & Numerous” closes the 7″ with waves of guitar grit and a dire feeling, keeping this nervous 7″ at its frenetic pace from front to back.

You can listen to the 7″ in its entirety right below to see what you think. If you dig it, snag one before they’re gone – there’s only 100!

Genre/ Tags: Garage Rock, Pop, Noise Rock
Crane Wilbur 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Crane Wilbur
2.) Antler Chandelier
3.) Belligerent & Numerous

BUY the 7″ directly from Ghost Orchard Records
DOWNLOAD the 7″ for FREE on the Quailbones Bandcamp
Quailbones on Facebook

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