LEGS – s/t EP

Midwestern post-punk crew LEGS just dropped their new self-titled EP in the middle of October. Hailing from Bloomington, IN, their jangly, off-centered pop will keep you guessing.

Opening track “Mannequins” goes to show what their challenging sound is all about: nervous, high pitched vocals, tight, crunchy guitars and glistening synths help make up this dense, wobbly and pop-leaning sound. “Aughts” continues to show us just how odd this stuff gets – it’s riddled with strange, sci-fi synths and deep, brooding vocals (the vocal pitch varies throughout the EP), assisting in the tracks shaky vibes as it unfolds. EP closer “Voids” offers probably the most frantic sound of them all. Jagged guitars lead the way through the stomping rhythm with their sharp metallic edge, changing up the pace with a colorful midsection of kaleidoscopic synth beams and punchy percussion. This track quickly becomes the highlight of the EP because it’s much tighter and comes off with more of a punch than a track like “Aughts.” With that being said, it’s clear these guys know what sound they’re going for even if it sounds a bit loose at times.

Listen to the ominous EP in its entirety right below! You can also buy the EP on CD too from the LEGS Bandcamp.

Genre/ Tags: Pop, Garage Rock, Post-Punk
LEGS EP: Tracklist:
1.) Mannequins
2.) Aughts
3.) Heights
4.) Voids

BUY the EP directly from the band on Bandcamp
Legs on Facebook

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