Red Dons – Auslander 7″

RED DONS recently dropped a 7″ for their first release on Dirtnap Records. Auslander features two new songs, both of which were written in 2010-11 in cities like Chicago, Brazil, London and Hamburg. To continue the nomadic behavior, the tracks were recorded in a Cold War era bomb shelter in Sweden by Lars Ekman, leaving Dirtnap to take care of the rest.

“Auslander” starts with a bang, quickly setting the tone of this 7″ with a rollicking introduction. The weight of the track is clear as soon as it bursts open, revealing a piercing guitar hook that quickly swallows it all with a sense of dire urgency. The track continues with its perpetual fury, led by shredded rhythm guitars that are as heavy as they are direct. It’s a monumental sound and that crushing lead guitar hook is responsible for most of the damage, coming off with sharp melodic tendencies through the daunting post-punk meltdown.

B-side “Mauvaise Foi” doesn’t fall far from the vein of the first, sustaining the destructive pace with another scorching beatdown. They really don’t ever let up for a second, building up momentum with an intense bridge of rolling snares and blistering guitars. With that being said, these two songs combine for almost nine minutes of blood-boiling post-punk outrage, almost like the world itself is crumbling right before your ears. Give it a spin below, you won’t be sorry. Here’s the original post.

Auslander –

Mauvaise Foi –

My Rating: SS
Genre/ Tags: Post-Punk, Punk, Alternative
Auslander 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Auslander
2.) Mauvaise Foi

BUY the 7″ directly from Green Noise Records
Red Dons – Official Website

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