Ghost of Chance – Paddle Boat 7″ EP

Today we’ve got another from the growing ObscureMe label in Wallingford, CT. This time it’s a 7″ from the New Haven based GHOST OF CHANCE, bringing us their own strand of reverberating garage pop.

Together the trio that is Ghost of Chance leave us with some fully realized garage rock, starting with a foundation of crunchy guitars that is strengthened by the haze and jangle that wraps up each of the four tracks on Paddle Boat. Most of that jangle stems from the noisy guitars and the crash of relentless percussion, doused in a palpable layer of this murky fuzz that comes off nicely in “Stromageddon.” The track is crowded with a cloudy vapor and some nearly surfy guitar hooks, offering inviting pop song structure under the swirl of noise.

The other feat that makes this material stand out is their ability to change pace on the dime. EP closer “Bobcat Village” finishes the 7″ with a crushing blow and you can easily hear this taking place. After about the first three minutes, the song suddenly wanders off into a strung-out daze, eventually finding its stride again within the final minute. But with that being said, tracks like this and “Wooden Tambourine” share some qualities – they both feature a similarly dazed-out midsection, definitely bringing in a bit of dreamy pop leanings into the picture whether you saw it coming or not. Needless to say, this 7″ offers us a refreshing sound, using this unique combination of calm and crunchy garage rock to create a dense and noisy sound.

You can hear both tracks from the A-side right below! There’s still two more where that came from, so why not grab a 7″ and see what the rest is all about?

Genre/ Tags: Garage Rock, Dream Pop, Alternative
Paddle Boat 7″ EP: Tracklist:
1.) Mexico City
2.) Wooden Tambourine
3.) Stormageddon
4.) Bobcat Villager

BUY the 7″ directly from ObscureMe Records
Ghost of Chance on Tumblr

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