Gracie – Death of the Sunset EP

GRACIE brings us some surfy lo-fi pop out of San Francisco with their debut EP on Eye in the Sky Records. Death of the Sunset fits the mold for the growing label with its murky, dreamy textures.

Gracie operates as a duo consisting of Greg Mabry and Casey Kaufman. You may recognize Mabry from the Evil Eyes single we posted a week or so ago. These three tracks here were originally recorded in the summer of 2011 while Mabry and Kaufman were still roommates in Nashville, TN.

Self-titled track “Death of the Sunset” is a slow and dreary one, offering a teasing swirl of glowing guitar hooks, deep, rumbling bass and the subtle haze of the grainy atmosphere. Considering the title of the track, the sound we’re hearing is pretty much dead-on. Following that, “Silver Lining” bring more of a pop punch into the mix. Throbbing basses and fizzy electronic snares provide the rhythm for the noisy, sharp-edged guitars, wrapping up the sound with a wave of metallic lo-fi grit. These three songs all come at a middle-pace (with “Silver Lining” being the outlier), broadened by the shimmer of jangly guitars and blissful boy-girl vocal pairings. It’s a simple formula, which makes this stuff easy to love with its soothing tendencies. Start with the opener “Regret You Left” right below, which opens the EP on an inviting note with a twangy guitar solo.

Genre/ Tags: Dream Pop, Lo-Fi, Pop
Death of the Sunset EP: Tracklist:
1.) Regret You Left
2.) Death of the Sunset
3.) Silver Lining

Name Yr Price‘ for the EP on the Gracie Bandcamp
Gracie on Eye in the Sky Records

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