Thresholder – Beyond the Far Horizon 7″

Hailing from New York Ciy, THRESHOLDER is a three-piece band consisting of two Canadian transplants and one from Texas. Together this forceful trio offers us their own take of hazy, primal post-punk.

“Beyond the Far Horizon” begins with a taunting haze, followed by the thunderous thud of the percussion. The track quickly tangles you into its mysterious swirl, revealing pearly synths and soaring vocals in a beam optimism. They seem to be shooting for a progressive sound and it’s working, switching up the mood within the track from haunting verses to shiny, up-beat choruses. There’s a nice balance between electronics and instrumentation, leaving us with a sound that is particularly grasping. It doesn’t stop there, as “Cold Sun” offers us a different, explosive snapshot of their mountainous sound. The track swells with a creaky flange effect, making for a warbled texture as the sharp guitar chords are played with urgency. It’s all driven by a punchy, tom-heavy beat, where the track starts to grow within the final minute. They close it out with some searing guitar hooks, easily sealing up an unexpectedly satisfying 7″.

At this point, the only thought we’re left with is thanking Thresholder giving us a heads up on this stuff, or else we may never have had the pleasure of sharing it with you today. You can hear both tracks streaming from the 7″ below, so don’t miss out. If you’re trying to cop a physical 7″, you’re in luck – as said by the band, “Anyone who wants a 7″ need only send name and mailing address to” How cool is that? You should probably do it!

Beyond the Far Horizon –

Cold Sun –

My Rating: SS
Genre/ Tags: Post-Punk, Alternative, Ethereal
Beyond the Far Horizon 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Beyond the Far Horizon
2.) Cold Sun

Send the band an e-mail w/ a name & address if your trying to cop a 7″ – neilson133 AT gmail DOT com
Thresholder on Tumblr

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