The Retinas – Life at Work EP

Hailing from Philadelphia, THE RETINAS dropped their latest EP Life at Work back at the beginning of the summer. Considering we’re both from the same city, it’s a shame we didn’t hear this one sooner.

Life at Work was an immediate fit here on the blog, so please pay attention. The self-titled “Life at Work” is the undisputed highlight of the EP, offering up sharp and melodic guitars in a fit of optimistic and up-beat punk rage. It morphs into a scorching solo midway through, creating a sprawling energy to close out the wild track. If that managed to push the right buttons, then checking out the rest of the EP would not be a bad idea. You can hear the rest on the Retinas Bandcamp right now. If you’re on the east coast and hurricane Sandy has got you locked up at home, use the time to listen!

Genre/ Tags: Garage Rock, Pop, Punk
Life at Work EP: Tracklist:
1.) Sarah
2.) No Culture
3.) Life at Work
4.) Sweetheart
5.) I Bet I Can Make You Leave

‘Name Yr Price’ for the EP on the Retina’s Bandcamp !
The Retinas on Facebook

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