Shark Week – EP

SHARK WEEK of Washington DC sent over their debut EP with some of their bluesy-leaning garage rock. The nearly 13 minute EP features three new tracks, bringing in a bit of surf and doo-wop for an inviting twist.

“Get High” is the hooking introduction, quickly setting the tone for the rest of this EP. An invigorating edge drives this bluesy sound, spearheaded by lead singer Ryan Mitchell’s bold and soulful tone. Crunchy, sometimes surfy guitars drive the track with tight, springy bass lines holding down the rhythm. This sound offers just the right amount of lo-fi fuzz, making for an authentic 60s twang.

Each track comes along with a constant swirling texture, supplying each with a lightly teasing psych wetness. “If You Want Me to Stay (For Awhile)” speaks for the invigorating edge in these songs, revealing a glinting solo in the midst of the track that goes to show these DC dudes are not messing around. Mitchell croons with concern in EP closer “There Comes a Time,” leading us through the swinging rhythm right into a gentle build up. From here the track suddenly breaks open, leaving us with a stomping beat and palpable guitar grit. It all morphs into a searing meltdown, working to close the track in a fit of rage.

Listen to the entire EP right below for an awesome snapshot of this band and their style. If you’re from the Washington DC area, definitely make a point to go catch Shark Week at one of their upcoming shows this weekend.

Genre/ Tags: Garage Rock, Blues Rock, Lo-Fi, Psychedelic
EP: Tracklist:
1.) Get High
2.) If You Want Me to Stay (For Awhile)
3.) There Comes a Time

‘Name Your Price’ on Bandcamp for their EP
Shark Week – Official Website

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