Legendary Wings – Making Paper Roses

Hailing from Kalamazoo, MI, LEGENDARY WINGS just dropped their debut LP Making Paper Roses on Dirtnap Records. The band sent in a random CD-R of demos to the label and that’s all it took for Dirtnap to add them to their roster.

Seriously, it was that easy. Read the description of the record in the Green Noise Records store. A few listens, a fist slap and a “fuck it, we’ll put that out!” is all it took to make Making Paper Roses a reality. We should consider ourselves lucky the dudes over at Dirtnap were paying attention, because now we get to share this raging pop-punk monstrosity with all of you.

Making Paper Roses offers a 45 minute block of messy, caffeinated pop-punk beatings all decked out in a sonic layer of fuzzy, blown-out intensity. Sharp, concentrated guitars lead a crushing path, strengthened by the crash of the drums and the foundation of deep, throbbing bass lines. Sometimes it’s the passionately blown-out vocal hooks that act as the highlight in these songs, like in the speedy “Spacehead” or the bruising “Pure.” It’s an odd combination because their sound is clearly sloppy to some degree, yet there’s still a notion of urgent tightness that comes through in every track. At 16 songs total it might seem like a stretch to call them all highlights, but the thought is pretty much spot-on. There’s even a handful of movie dialogue clips scattered in between songs (from Billy Madison, the Cable Guy, Basketball), adding an unexpectedly humorous effect.

Shredded guitar beatings continue to force a stomping path, rarely ever slowing to anything below medium pace. “Seeing Walls” is one song that slow the speed for a bit, but it’s pretty much on it’s own in a 16-song tracklist. Otherwise, this album is stuck in the red from start to finish, so as long as you can keep up with the pace, Making Paper Roses won’t let ya down. Use this batch of songs below from the LP as your answer, then be sure to go and grab the vinyl from the Green Noise Records store – the first 200 pressing of the LP were put out on gold vinyl and there’s still some left!

I Think I’m Dumb –

Spacehead –

Pure –

Paper Roses –

My Rating: SS
Genre/ Tags: Punk, Pop, Lo-Fi
Making Paper Roses LP: Tracklist:
1.) Nachos
2.) Lover
3.) Too Far
4.) I Think I’m Dumb
5.) Cartoon
6.) Pure
7.) Good Food
8.) Spacehead
9.) Time
10.) Dumb
11.) Be Alone
12.) Paper Roses
13.) Seeing Walls
14.) What Can I Give
15.) Sun
16.) Hidden Track

BUY the LP directly from Green Noise Records – first 200 on gold vinyl !
Legendary Wings on Facebook

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