earthquake party! – Let’s Rock, OK? CS

Boston bliss-pop crew EARTHQUAKE PARTY! have a new cassette to share with the world. Let’s Rock, OK? is their latest release for their current tour, featuring the same noisy pop anthems that made their debut.

Believe it or not, this cassette is actually even shorter than their first one we covered earlier this year. Let’s Rock, OK? doesn’t even reach the four minute mark, but the amount of fuzz and energy that is packed into this thing is enough to keep you begging for more – again, much like their first tape. They offer that same blitzing noise attack that makes for an exhilarating good time. The sound consists of endless guitar fuzz and boy-girl vocal pairings, sounding incredibly sloppy in “One More Night Could Ruin Us” and blissfully unaware in “Little Pet.” Housed underneath the noisy layer of filth sits crashing drums with a deep thud, combining to create the gritty punch of the inviting opener “Little Pet.” This stuff is about as crunchy as it gets and if it were any shorter the tape would probably be blank – but this material is just so easy to love it’s overwhelming. They will quickly change gears, so just try and keep up with the staggering pace – all four minutes of it!

As of yesterday you will be able to catch earthquake party! on tour and they’ll be selling this cassette at their shows! The tour edition is only limited to 34 copies, so you might want to get on that. You can check out some tour dates on the eqp! Bandcamp – they’ll be in Allston on the 18th!

Genre/ Tags: Pop, Noise Rock, Lo-Fi
Let’s Rock, OK?: Tracklist:
1.) Little Pet
2.) Hello Weirdo
3.) One More Night Could Ruin Us

BUY the cassette from the band on Bandcamp – appropriately listed for $100 each ! “Real editions” of the CS available Oct. 5th
earthquake party! on Facebook

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