Hierophants/ Cobwebbs – Split CS

Released in early 2012, Geelong’s HIEROPHANTS and Brisbane’s COBWEBBS teamed up for a split cassette on Anti Fade Records. Both bands bring their own spin on psych rock to the table, each supplying us with a 20 minute half on the cassette.

Cobwebbs offer up a monstrosity of a sound, laying down a thick, psychedelic buzz through their propulsive tracks that’ll singe the eyebrows clean off your face. They begin their half with the jarring “Bullseye” which features a murky, metallic swirl and plenty of spiny guitars. Their evil psych sound comes full force in a meltdown track like “Junk Food,” which continues to stomp on through with its destructive psych-punk vibes.

Switch up to the Hierophants side of the cassette and most of the murkiness is traded in for a cleaner sounding psych crunch. Every one of their tracks here moves at a free-flowing, medium pace, which makes these inviting psych-outs sound fun and breezy.

This is shown almost too perfectly in a track like “Stink,” which uses everything but speed to get its point across. The song is driven by a lazy guitar hook until they begin to lay it on heavy – suddenly you’re awash in a beam of gritty psych guitars, revealing a climaxing, sharp-edged solo as the bass throbs and the drums crash underneath. All the while, your foot probably never stopped tapping to the lazy beat.

So as if we all needed any more proof, this cassette just continues to show that the bands from down under know a thing or two. With that being said, you’d be a fool to miss out on this track below.

Genre/ Tags: Garage Rock, Psychedelic, Lo-Fi
Anti Fade Split Cassette: Tracklist:
1.) Hierophants – Thanks Anyway
2.) Hierophants – Stink
3.) Hierophants – Meathead
4.) Hierophants – Teddy Says
5.) Hierophants – TV
6.) Hierophants – Wray Gunn
7.) Cobwebbs – Bullseye
8.) Cobwebbs – Junk Food
9.) Cobwebbs – Get So High
10.) Cobwebbs – Too Much
11.) Cobwebbs – Hypnotized

BUY the cassette (when there’s a repress) from Anti Fade – currently sold out
Hierophants on Facebook
Cobwebbs on Facebook

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