Missing Monuments – (I’m Gonna) Love You Back to Life 7″ EP

King Louie’s MISSING MONUMENTS just dropped a new 7″ on Hozac Records. Clean and razor sharp pop-rock anthems fill the 7″, with this single being their first for the Hozac label and second 7″ overall.

These songs are teeming with all sorts of smoking pop hooks, clearing a path for Julien Fried’s shredded soloing in every last one of these tracks. The songs are tightly woven and carefully organized, driven by crystal clear production and a level of fun-loving innocence that is easy to love. “(I’m Gonna) Love You Back to Life” goes to show this with its tight and crunchy hooks, making for a clean and honest pop sound. They break it all down in the final minute, where high voltage soloing and crashing drums call the shots. “Bleed” shows off some stomping punk energy, where twangy guitars and raspy vocals lead the way. It reveals a splitting solo right in the middle, showing off some more of Fried’s mangled soloing.

“Another Girl” is a true standout on the 7″, barging through with blazing power-pop hooks, creating a swift and punchy sound that comes on strong. The lyrics are about as honest as it gets, paired with the fiery guitar licks scattered throughout the track. It follows the same destructive pattern as the earlier tracks, centered around another crushing guitar solo. It all ends with a full-throated wail, sealing up a definite highlight on this gleaming 7″.

(I’m Gonna) Love You Back to Life –

Another Girl –

Genre/ Tags: Pop, Punk, Alternative
(I’m Gonna) Love You Back to Life 7″ EP: Tracklist:
1.) (I’m Gonna) Love You Back to Life
2.) Bleed
3.) Another Girl

BUY the 7″ directly from Insound – limited to 475 !
Missing Monuments on Facebook

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