Crooked Bangs – s/t LP

If you haven’t caught the self-titled LP from CROOKED BANGS yet, why don’t you take a seat. This Austin, TX trio just dropped their LP on Western Medical Records, serving up a tight and moody post-punk snarl.

By the time this Crooked Bangs LP is over, you’ll probably be thinking that was the shortest half hour ever. This lethal trio has officially blindsided us with their debut LP and there’s lots to be psyched about here folks. Every last one of these tracks is tightly woven with grungy bass lines and manic drumming, leaving the blitzing guitars to lead us through the sharp and angular onslaughts. Sometimes those guitars come off surfy, sometimes punky, but no matter what, they’re always menacing and effectively evil. As all of these elements combine and form into one, the monstrosity that is their sound begins to come at you full force. The way “Twentieth Century / Spirits” unfolds shows this exhilarating formula coming to life almost immediately. Just buckle down for a wild ride.

There’s a ridiculous sense of urgency that spans the entire LP and it doesn’t take long to suck you in. Sure, some of that that stems from the fervid pace of the music itself, but lead singer Leda Ginestra is majorly responsible. Her bold and powerful vocals steadily cut through these tracks like no big deal, often singing in French while sometimes switching to English. Ginestra also slips in some occasional bloodthirsty screaming, which is the perfect complement to their dark and dire sound. Take an explosive track like “Something / Wolves Will Crush” as proof, where her commanding vocals come through strong against the ominous backdrop of dagger-like guitars.

It would be sad if you missed out on this one, so please take a minute to check out these songs below. Then head on over to Western Medical Records if you’re looking for a copy of the LP. Just get on this stuff now because you will be seeing this record again.

My Rating: SS
Genre/ Tags: Post-Punk, Alternative, Punk
Crooked Bangs s/t LP: Tracklist:
1.) Be Young / Sois Jeune (Et Tais Toi)
2.) Twentieth Century / Spirits
3.) Halfway / Lucifer, Mon Amour
4.) Blood Castle
5.) Evil Eye / Le Mauvais Œil
6.) C’est Inutile
7.) Le Beau Têtard Sur Son Cigare
8.) Wake Up / Livin’ in Sin
9.) Something / Wolves Will Crush
10.) Shrill / Le Pacte du Loup
11.) Brains

BUY the LP directly from Western Medical Records – do it before they’re gone, they will be
Crooked Bangs on Facebook
Crooked Bangs on Tumblr

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