Spider Bags Live in Philadelphia (09/21/12)

Dan McGee and the SPIDER BAGS tore shit up this weekend in Philadelphia at Kung Fu Necktie. They played upstairs in an apartment which made for a blazing sweatfest, which is probably the only real way to experience the Bags in a live setting anyway. They headlined the show, following the destructive acts of some like-minded bands like the Golden Boys, the Limes, and Philly’s brand new scuzz-punks the Residuels (whose set I unfortunately missed). The Bags were forced to finish by 11pm, so they plowed through a near half-hour set, gracing our ears with the rock & roll monstrosities that make up their latest album, the epic Shake My Head. On top of those songs, they even played the entirety of their Papa Was a Shithead 7″ from Sophomore Lounge Records.

By now the Bags have certainly come a long way, from the twangy country-punk of A Celebration of Hunger to this brand new and electrifying offering from Odessa Records. Witness a lethal batch of these tracks come to life right below, followed by your solemn vow that you will always go and see Chapel Hill’s Spider Bags each and every time they come to your town. Also, don’t forget to check the rest of the videos from the show right here.

Friday Night/ Keys to the City:

Simona La Ramona:

Standing on a Curb:

I Wish That I Never Had Fed You:

“Papa Was a Shithead” would be the only video from the show I didn’t link here, so you can check that right here in all of it’s sloppy goodness. Just be sure to catch the Spider Bags when they come to your town. It also wouldn’t be a bad idea to grab their new LP – it’s currently on sale for $12.74 on Insound. Do it up!

See ALL of the videos from the show RIGHT HERE
BUY Spider Bags latest LP Shake My Head from Insound – it’s on sale!
Spider Bags on Bandcamp
The Golden Boys on Facebook
Residuels on Facebook

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