Shiva Trash – Bleach Bath 7″

SHIVA TRASH of San Diego just dropped their debut 7″ Bleach Bath in mid-June. The single includes three well-crafted and challenging garage rock onslaughts that will quickly get your blood pumping.

Their 7″ starts out with a blast, quickly catapulting us into the rollicking rhythm of “Bleach Bath.” The song features a relentless punch, driven by those tight and mangled guitars and the electric, metallic fervor that envelopes the track. Toward the end the song takes us through a quick and unexpected circus-esque breakdown, which is best experienced by listening – words don’t really do it any justice. “Residual Backwash” keeps the uncertainty flowing with its pounding rhythm and ascending guitar hooks, coming off just as heavy and staggering as the first. By the time you reach the halfway mark, the track slows into a stomping punk rage, tricking us by changing momentum and then challenging us with a wall of guitar fury.

Last comes “Gnarly Thirst,” which sticks to the destructive formula that the rest of the single offers with some evil sounding surf rock hooks and crashing percussion. It’s the longest of the three tracks on the 7″, leaving Shiva Trash with plenty of time for a deadly, disastrous breakdown. Sharp guitars do the damage from here on out, wrapping up the track with a ground-shaking pummel and some cooing vocals.

You can easily discover the exhilarating entirety of Bleach Bath right below, so don’t miss out.

My Rating: SS
Genre/ Tags: Garage Rock, Post-Punk, Alternative
Bleach Bath 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Bleach Bath
2.) Residual Backwash
3.) Gnarly Thirst

BUY the 7″ (or CD) directly from the band
Shiva Trash on Facebook

6 thoughts on “Shiva Trash – Bleach Bath 7″

  1. Thanks for the review! We really appreciate it!

    We’re pretty thankful for being from San Diego. There are definitely a lot of talented individuals in the city making some good tunes. Check some of the labels from around town…

    Volar Records

    ArtFag Records

    CholoPunks Records

    Single Screen Records

    All are friends of ours and all have great music to offer!

    Come out! We’ll buy you a fish taco, they’re pretty good down here, served out of a truck…

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