Residuels – s/t EP

RESIDUELS is the latest Philadelphia has to offer. The band is a duo consisting of Pat Troxell from Creepoid and Justin Pittney from Moon Women. They dropped their first EP and almost immediately started playing shows.

The first thing I said when I heard this EP was that Philadelphia needs more bands like this. And it’s true. The biggest surprise is that it actually took this long, but luckily Pittney and Troxell joined forces and decided it’s time. It didn’t take long at all before they started playing shows either, as they’ve got dates lined up in Philly, Jersey City, NYC, Somerville and Richmond throughout the month of September. This article on The Key offers some awesome insights from the band, only further proving my point that Philly needs the Residuels. Now we’ve got this bluesy lo-fi twang filling our ears, done up with the necessary thud and crunch to keep our blood pumping strong.

Get your fill of the entire EP below with these three invigorating, high-voltage ragers, starting with the jangly, bluesy twang of “Pretty Girl.” If you’re in the area, make a point to go catch the Residuels at one of their shows. You can see a list of dates right here.

Pretty Girl –

Maligned –

Sex Beat –

Genre/ Tags: Garage Rock, Lo-Fi, Alternative
Residuels EP: Tracklist:
1.) Pretty Girl
2.) Maligned
3.) Sex Beat

DOWNLOAD tracks from the Residuels on Bandcamp – also a list of tour dates!
Residuels on Facebook

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