Dikes of Holland – Braindead USA

Braindead USA is the sophomore LP from DIKES OF HOLLAND and it’s exactly the kind of rollicking kick in the ass we’ve come to love around here. The album comes from Screamers Records in Paris, France while the band hails from Austin, TX.

Dikes of Holland could have left us with the most straightforward rocking album we’ve heard all year. Braindead USA is a lethal monstrosity, spearheaded by a sea of spikey punk guitars, maintaining an overall intensity that brings albums like Ty Segall Band’s Slaughterhouse to mind or OBN III’s The One and Only. If you’re asking us, that is saying a hell of a lot about Braindead USA. Ravaging anthems like “Rotten Taste” dominate the album, pushing each track to exhilarating new heights. This shit is not to be taken lightly, as the album is forever stuck in the red with high-voltage guitars and pulsing rhythms. See “Streetwalker” for another early example, which immediately sets the tone of this vigorous album.

Most, if not all of these songs eventually solidify with these pummeling, chanted choruses, constantly keeping the pedal to the metal. Words like havoc or mayhem help characterize the level of intensity, coming through heavily in an apprehensive track like “Dirty San Franciscan.” Pounding, fist-in-air anthems drive the chaotic song into punk oblivion, and that’s just focusing on one lone track. The same goes for “Meat Eaters” which follows right in its footsteps, employing a gritty, sweeping swirl that sucks the track into its relentless black hole. “Future Eyes” is another heaping wall of punk rage with it’s sharp, angular guitars that reinforces the fist-in-air mentality. Later, self-titled track “Braindead USA” is an excellent example of their rowdy formula taking place again. Shredded guitars pack a powerful punch, driving the song with fearless, relentless fury. It all ends with the organ-heavy “We Gotta Go,” leaving us with one last example of this propulsive punk rock.

You can hear a handful of these smoking tracks below, so you might want to take advantage. If you’re trying to cop the record on vinyl, ask around at Screamers Records. If you want to hear more of the album head over to the Dikes of Holland Bandcamp to keep the rage going strong!

My Rating: SS
Genre/ Tags: Punk, Garage Rock
Braindead USA LP: Tracklist:
1.) Streetwalker
2.) Rotten Taste
3.) Start Over
4.) City Feet
5.) Dirty San Franciscan
6.) Meat Eaters
7.) Future Eyes
8.) Kinky Parents
9.) Braindead USA
10.) UFT
11.) Last Sentence
12.) We Gotta Go

Dikes of Holland on Facebook
Looking for the vinyl? Talk to the folks at Screamers Records on Facebook

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