Le Yikes Surf Club – Yikes CS

South Philly surf punks LE YIKES SURF CLUB opened for Guantanamo Baywatch nearly two months ago in Philadelphia and since then their cassette has always hit a soft spot.

The tape, simply titled Yikes, was released by Grizzly Records out in San Diego on July 17th. It comes packed with five short-but-sweet tracks of their pulsing strand of surf-punk, hereby shaping Le Yikes Surf Club as one of the more noteworthy bands currently scowling the basements in Philly. The cassette features their evilly tinged surf-rock in tracks like “No Thanks,” as well as charming and innocent numbers like “Nights & Days.” Aside from that, a much more explosive jammer like “Ghost Ride The Whip” boasts sharp and shredded guitars with plenty of pent of energy, not to mention one ridiculously demanding bass guitar hook that takes the track by force.

Check “Ghost Ride the Whip” below and you’ll see just what Le Yikes Surf Club are all about. Then head on over to Grizzy Records and snag a cassette – there’s only 100 pressed! And if this post seems a little dated, it’s because I originally wrote it for Get Bent back in July. Nothing wrong with a little extra exposure!

Genre/ Tags: Garage Rock, Punk, Surf Rock
Yikes CS: Tracklist:
1.) Take
2.) No Thanks
3.) Nights & Days
4.) Got Feelings
5.) Ghost Ride the Whip

BUY the cassette or CD directly from Grizzly Records – each limited to 100 !
Le Yikes Surf Club on Facebook

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