Hunny – (Leave Me Alone or) Suck It 7″

Staten Island rock and roll freaks HUNNY just dropped their new 7″ on their own label Laptop Smashing Party. It features some dark and menacing post-punk debauchery with a cringing metallic edge.

Their sound comes full force in the scuzzy opener “(Leave Me Alone or) Suck It,” shoving some evil, metal-influenced guitar shards down your throat. It’s a challenging introduction to say the least, but it works nicely to soften you up for the wild B-side “Felix Tone.” There’s some fiery guitar soloing scattered around in there, sounding exceptionally sloppy and disastrous amongst the crashing rhythm. “Felix Tone” is a clangorous monstrosity, bursting at the seams with a weird, pulsing bass guitar and shredded guitars to boot. We’re led straight into a minefield of sharp, spiky guitars which goes to show the destructive nature of these complex meltdowns. This track has it all, from the hellish guitar licks down to the fearful, bloodcurdling screams. A bit toward the end the song starts to grow and pick up some speed, eventually reducing everything to a dusty rubble with its catastrophic breakdown.

It’s hard to follow any sort of pattern here, so just go with the flow of these two tracks here. Things tend to be a bit unexpected, so have a listen and see where this stuff takes you.

Genre/ Tags: Post-Punk, Alternative, Metal
(Leave Me Alone or) Suck It 7″: Tracklist:
1.) (Leave Me Alone or) Suck It
2.) Felix Tone

BUY the 7″ directly from Laptop Smashing Party – contact laptopsmashingparty AT gmail DOT com
Hunny on Blogspot

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