The Sensibles – s/t 7″ EP

Hailing from Milan, Italy, THE SENSIBLES will bust down your door with a sweeping power-pop punch. The self-titled EP was released by the band itself in just a short run of 300 copies.

On their debut single, the Sensibles serve up some gut-busting power-pop with a punky, propulsive edge. The four songs included offer us some clean sounding production, which helps greatly intensify the weight of the shredded guitars that drive each track. These guitars sit heavily amongst the powerful wall of pop joy that flows from each track, spearheaded by lead singer Stella who totally stands out in “Denny.” She howls with authority over the dense mix of scratchy guitars and pummeling percussion, leading us through an electrifying solo that brings the song to new heights. Following that, “Dino” wraps up the single with its playful vibes and totally reinforces the Sensibles obvious love for dinosaurs, not to mention, another dirty sounding guitar solo that keeps the blood pumping.

Listen to these two cuts below from the 7″. If you’re looking for more, head on over to their Bandcamp and check out the whole single. If you’re trying to cop a 7″, try sending the Sensibles an e-mail – thesensibles AT gmail DOT com.

Genre/ Tags: Power Pop, Alternative, Punk
Open Book 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Open Book
2.) John Bambi
3.) Denny
4.) Dino

BUY the digital 7″ directly from Bandcamp
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