The Raw Nerves – s/t LP

The Raw Nerves are a four-piece group of soul lovin’, garage rockin’ misfits from Auckland City, New Zealand. There’s been quite a surge of bands from down under in recent months and these guys are another worth keeping on the radar. For those who recently caught the new EP from Thee Holy Ghosts, this is probably for you.

Their debut, self-titled LP comes from 1:12 Records in an edition of just 300, spanning 11 tracks for about 24 minutes of blood boiling garage rock. As the band says themselves, they “write songs about hating Nazi boyfriends and taking steroids to stop being such wimps – and all our riffs are comfortingly familiar.” Can’t argue with that, right? Take the opener “All Fucked Up” which immediately sets the tone and pace of the whole record. It starts with a gritty, tightly woven guitar hook with spastic vocals sitting on top for an instantly unsettling and irresistibly catchy garage rock pummel. Scatter in a couple high-voltage guitar licks and a stomping chorus and it’ll quickly work its way under your skin.

The best news, however, is that there’s still ten other tracks to get through and it goes to show how these guys can quickly change gears. “Bridge Song” is an innocent little pop-punk jammer with quick and caffeinated guitar hooks, while a track like “Nazi” shows them slowing the pace to a breezy, mid-tempo jam with jangly percussion and female backing vocals. “Don’t Go Home Tonight” is a quick and simple bluesy number, followed by “CLAY” with its infectious, chanting chorus. This is followed by the hot and heated “Schizo,” eventually leading us into the album closer “Steroids,” a crunchy, party-ready banger with shredded guitars and manic drumming.

This is some highly recommended material, so be sure to get your fill right here by naming your price on the Raw Nerves Bandcamp. I originally wrote this for Get Bent! and then decided it was necessary to also include in our database here, so please enjoy.

My Rating: SS
Genre/ Tags: Garage Rock, Pop, Alternative
The Raw Nerves LP: Tracklist:
1.) All Fucked Up
2.) Black Times
3.) How We Love
4.) Bridge Song
5.) Nazi
6.) Sleep for Days
7.) Scared Bear
8.) Don’t Go Home Tonight
9.) CLAY
10.) Schizo
11.) Steroids

DOWNLOAD the LP for FREE directly from the Raw Nerves Bandcamp – name yr price!
Send the Raw Nerves an e-mail if you want to buy a vinyl! – therawnerves AT gmail DOT com
The Raw Nerves on Facebook

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