Houndstooth – Beachbummer 7″

HOUNDSTOOTH is a five piece band from Portland, OR with a curious alternative-country twang. Their new 7″ Beachbummer here will eventually lead up to a debut album in early 2013.

Until then, we’re left with this single to help us figure out what might come next. To give you a better idea, “Beachbummer” is a breezy and subtle indie rock jam, almost with a minimal approach which leaves plenty of breathing room throughout the track. A song like this manages to have a sort of tropical, islandy vibe, which stems from those quick, sunny guitars hooks and colorful synth washes. Toward the middle we encounter a quivering guitar solo, which suddenly creates a wrinkled complexion in the track. These screeching guitars nearly evoke an unexpected and ghostly quality within, which definitely makes for a unique sound.

On the B-side you will find “Francis,” a different track that features some heated country twang. There’s also more of a bubbly pop vibe this time around, which comes through in those squealing, high-pitched guitars. Lead singer Kate Bernstein sounds airy and soothing in her serene (and stunning) tone as she politely asks us for a walk downtown. The final two minutes is a drawn-out jam session that goes to show what these guys are capable of. Punchy basses and thick, twangy guitars lead us through the invigorating arrangement, eventually sealing up one hell of a track. Now just be sure to give it a listen right below!

Genre/ Tags: Alt-Country, Pop, Indie Rock
Beachbummer 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Beachbummer
2.) Francis

BUY the tracks directly from the band on Bandcamp – not sure where to snag a 7″
Houndstooth on Facebook
Houndstooth – Official Website

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