Digital Leather – Yes Please, Thank You EP

Shawn Foree – better known as DIGITAL LEATHER – released another cassette EP on the seemingly unfitting Southpaw Records label earlier this year. As expected, it’s a dazzling and eclectic release.

For awhile now, Foree has been known to create these sort of genre mash ups as Digital Leather. This time around he’s offering us an electronic hybrid, something that falls somewhere between fuzzy electronics and pop for a challenging mixture. It’s a remarkable combination of genres and ideas, where the bigger picture begins to form a one-of-a-kind sound that only Foree could possibly concoct. The EP clocks in with eight tracks for just over 20 minutes of material, starting with the inviting “Mountains Are Dreaming” as the hooking introduction.

“Mountains Are Dreaming” begins the cassette on a frantic note, supplying us with a poppy mixture of glinting guitars, glitchy electronic percussion and a deep, throbbing bass. Foree guides us through the unsettling mix with his monotone vocals, which sound slightly grainy as he must be dreaming about a lengthy trip through the desert – “couldn’t tell the difference between sand and time.” A bit later, he lays it on heavy in “So Warm.” The track starts with a staggering guitar hook which leads us into the crunchy, calculated destruction that follows. The track features reverberating synth beams, not to mention a real drum kit which is a noticeable difference from a track like “Mountains Are Dreaming.” Despite it’s bold tendencies, the track still holds an undeniably catchy pop vibe, which you will quickly discover if you just listen. Following that, “White Man Jungle” is an instrumental jammer, featuring lazy, wobbly synth waves paired with a commanding snare drum rhythm that creates a hypnotizing dichotomy between the two.

If you’re asking us, this cassette alone is just more proof that Foree is literally an electronic-pop mastermind. Take one final highlight in “Drugs” with its heavenly guitar intro and buzzy synth washes as proof. Underneath the song is driven by a thumping, tom-tom heavy drum beat as those synth waves colorfully saturate the mix. The song begins to wind down with some scratchy guitars and spacey electronics, all suddenly coming to a halt before the murky final track “I Don’t Know.”

Now it’s time to go and snag a cassette from Southpaw Records – it’s only limited to 200 so don’t sleep! Be sure to check out this smoking batch of tracks below for an invigorating start to your day!

Mountains Are Dreaming –

So Warm –

Drugs –

My Rating: SS
Genre/ Tags: Electronic, Pop, Post-Punk
Yes Please, Thank You EP: Tracklist:
1.) Mountains Are Dreaming
2.) Flour
3.) Screw in the Wall
4.) So Warm
5.) White Man Jungle
6.) Conquer All
7.) Drugs
8.) I Don’t Know

BUY the cassette directly from Southpaw Records – limited to 200 !
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