Friends of Cesar Romero – Red Headed Strangler 7″

We’ve been hearing from these Denver-area bands via Snappy Little Numbers for a good while now. This new 7″ from FRIENDS OF CESAR ROMERO just might be our favorite one yet, except this time they’re not from Denver.

Friends of Cesar Romero are actually from Phoenix, Arizona, meaning that this is probably the first single from SLN we’ve covered that isn’t a Denver band. Their single comes with two new tracks of their gut-busting garage pop, serving up crunchy guitars with a fun-loving energy that is easy to endorse. With that being said, this single fits in perfectly around here. A-side track “Red Headed Strangler” displays their sound in a short, invigorating two minute punk blast with a fiery rhythm section and squealing guitar solos, giving the song an electrifying punch that will quickly widen your eyes. On the B-side, “Tammy’s of Tomorrow” is another ecstatic punk stomper that falls in a similar vein with the A-side, where female-fronted vocals and more twangy, high-voltage guitar licks blow the song open at the seams. Now please spare five easy minutes of your day and listen to both sides of the single below.

Genre/ Tags: Pop, Garage Rock, Punk
Red Headed Strangler 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Red Headed Strangler
2.) Tammy’s of Tomorrow

BUY the 7″ directly from Snappy Little Numbers – limited to 300 on mixed color vinyl, only $4 !
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