Lecherous Gaze – Bagagazo 7″

LECHEROUS GAZE offer up some stimulated power rock with their brand new 7″ on Who Can You Trust? Records in Germany who continue to churn out the goods.

After the Hot Lunch 7″ and now this, it’s clear the type of sound Who Can You Trust? seem to be going after. This new Lecherous Gaze single falls into a similar vein, including three new cuts of their electrifying rock & roll, coming together with fiery guitars for some intense instrumentation. Opener “Bagagazo” takes us on an epic guitar journey, riddled with all sorts of hellish licks and noisy, metallic twang. Over top of that lead singer Zaryan Zaidi guides us through the madness with his snarling vocals, leading us through these destructive, guitar crazed meltdowns. The track hits its craziest point within the final two minutes, blitzing us with a mess of ripping punk guitars that will leave you cringing in fear.

This easily becomes the pattern of this heart-stopping single – it’s extremely unforgiving and extremely guitar heavy. There’s simply no denying that this is some devastating stuff. Now listen to the fatal introductory track “Bagagazo” right below!

Genre/ Tags: Rock & Roll, Punk, Alternative
Bagagazo 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Bagagazo
2.) Scorpion
3.) Feathered Fish

BUY the 7″ directly from Who Can You Trust Records
Lecherous Gaze on Blogspot
Lecherous Gaze on Facebook

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