Burnt Ones – Protection Circle 7″

San Francisco’s own glamorous trio BURNT ONES drop a brand new single on the fitting (and aptly named) Fuzz City Records, marking their own third 7″ single to date.

As far as their sound goes, Burnt Ones stick to their guns and do what they do best with their glamorous, crackling brand of garage pop. As expected, their songs are brimming with a head-splitting wall of fuzz, where guitars sound crunchy and razor-sharp to the touch while lead singer Mark Tester’s blown out vocals sit over top of the jarring metallic jangle. “Black Leather or Furs” features punchy bass lines and a wave of clangorous guitar grit, making for a psyched-out bridge in the middle of the song that swells with a wash of colorfully strobing guitars, leaving you in a drooling, lysergic daze. This helps seal up an undeniably catchy tune as the mangled and shredded guitars continue to tear away at your ears. Go ahead and listen below to hear both sides of another solid Burnt Ones 7″, you’ll be glad you did.

Genre/ Tags: Pop, Garage Rock, Glam, Lo-Fi
Protection Circle 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Protection Circle
2.) Black Leather on Furs

BUY the 7″ directly from Fuzz City Records !
Burnt Ones on Facebook
Burnt Ones on Bandcamp

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2 responses to “Burnt Ones – Protection Circle 7″

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