VVhile – VVhile is Vanity 7″ EP

Today we’re introducing the debut 7″ EP from Serbian band VVHILE. They’re a duo from Belgrade with a particular sound that blends parts punk, pop and noise rock, all enveloped in an airy, effervescent environment.

The EP begins on a powerful note with the opener “Vanity.” We’re immediately catapulted headfirst into a sea of dangerously ecstatic guitar shards that sound as crystal clear as they are hazy – a strangely peculiar combination. The track proceeds to pummel without remorse before moving on to the punk inflected “Marriage Riots.” This track offers pulsing, razor sharp guitar cuts with a stomping punk attitude, but midway through the momentum suddenly swings and that grit is traded in for a strung out and lackadaisical sounding guitar dirge that drags us through this unexpected ethereal ending.

Moving on to the B-side, “VVorldending Curse” is another spastic and fast-paced pop-punk freakout with a frothy atmosphere that all results in a destructive breakdown at the end. Of these four songs included here, this is probably the most straightforward. This leads us to the pleasantly titled finale “Fecal Gaze” that brings those ethereal, almost icy-sounding guitars back into the mix. There’s an eerie, uncompromising edge to a murky song like this, while at the same time wielding some undeniably tranquil and healing qualities. All that being said, the dichotomy throughout this EP certainly makes for an interesting and somehow cohesive listen. We definitely don’t think you should miss this stuff below.

My Rating: SS
Genre/ Tags: Punk, Pop, Ethereal, Noise Rock
VVhile is Vanity 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Vanity
2.) Marriage Riots
3.) VVorldending Curse
4.) Fecal Gaze

DOWNLOAD the 7″ for FREE directly from the VVhile Bandcamp
VVhile on Facebook

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