Surgeons – Whip Them Lord 7″

Los Angeles is home to SURGEONS (ex Le Face) who just released their disturbing debut 7″, titled Whip Them Lord on the Total Punk label based in Florida.

The folks at Total Punk definitely stick to their plans with the release of this troubling single. Surgeons supply us with a brutally lo-fi and murky strand of raw punk rock here that is drenched by an outer layer of filth and grime. Underneath thrives a sea of sharp and shredded guitar hooks drowned in the muffled and wonky bass lines that push the song forward, not to mention the spastic and raspy vocals that guide us through the madness. Both of these just-barely-over-two-minutes tracks definitely seem to share some (if not all) of these qualities, whether it’s the mysteriously bubbling black hole in the middle of “Whip Them Lord” or the razor sharp guitar cuts of “In My Scope.”

You can check both of these songs below, then head on over to Florida’s Dying where you can either buy the 7″ itself, or buy the 7″ and a limited edition promo poster. Do it!

Genre/ Tags: Punk, Lo-Fi
Whip Them Lord 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Whip Them Lord
2.) In My Scope

BUY the 7″ directly from Florida’s Dying – $5 for 7″$7.50 for 7″ & limited ed. poster !

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