Song of the Day #24: The Enthusiasts – “Better Lover”

Since we last heard, THE ENTHUSIASTS of Ardsley, New York have been working on their debut LP. Ever since we got wind of their most recent 7″, we’ve been (not so patiently) waiting for whatever comes next. Well, that’s slowly beginning to change as The Enthusiasts just unveiled the first new song from their most recent batch of recordings. It’s called “Better Lover” and it features that same rollicking, pulsing type of bluesy garage rock that made their 7″ so memorable. The band is currently shopping these new songs around to some record labels in hopes for their first full length record, so let’s keep our fingers crossed! In the meantime, they’re playing the Cheater Slicks 25th anniversary show on August 17th at the Parkside Lounge in NYC with The Hussy and The Living Kills. Be there!

PS – Here’s the track on YouTube if that’s more your thing

Better Lover –

Genre/ Tags: Alternative, Garage Rock, Rock & Roll

BUY their debut 7″ on Bandcamp – only limited to 150, get it while ya can !
The Enthusiasts on Blogspot
The Enthusiasts on Facebook

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