Song of the Day #23: Nice Purse – “Broken Filthy Arrows”

NICE PURSE are self-described as a “loud, dumb, garage pop band from Minneapolis.” Their sophomore LP, Slumber Girls, is their first release to come out on wax from the Forged Artifacts label which is also based in Minneapolis. As far as their own description goes, they’re pretty much dead on – they’re loud in a joyfully obnoxious kind of way due to whiny vocals, they’re definitely garage pop to keep it simple, but they’re far from dumb.

The opening track of Slumber Girls, titled “Broken Filthy Arrows,” sets us up with quite an optimistic and unsettling pop vibe. If you think like us then it’s probably pretty hard not to be hooked after a song like this. With Magic Bullet-esque guitar hooks and plenty of energetic change-ups, Nice Purse make it difficult for us to solidify any specific pattern throughout this blissfully upbeat jammer. They roll with this spastic formula, comprised of cheerfully sloppy vocals and tightly woven guitar jangles with a hint of grit, all done up with an admirably uplifting pop sensibility that makes it hard to not like these guys – hence, they’re not dumb. A short bit past the two minute mark, the song suddenly stops before they take it for another spin, hereby gracing our ears with another solid two minutes of this exemplary pop.

The best part is, aside from this lone track, there’s still six others out there just begging to be heard – for those who are curious, some are similar, but some are also very different (like “Run Tun Tun” or “Your Mohawk”). Listen to the rest of these tracks from the excellent LP on the Nice Purse Bandcamp, then head on over to Forged Artifacts to grab your very own copy of the vinyl – there’s only 250 pressed, so don’t sleep!

Genre/ Tags: Pop, Folk Rock, Indie Rock

BUY the LP directly from Forged Artifacts – limited to 250 !
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Nice Purse on Tumblr

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