Guntown – Chaos 7″ EP

GUNTOWN release their new 7″ EP Chaos from Whoa! Boat Records. This San Francisco three-piece offers a grungy sound that falls somewhere between power-pop and post-punk.

You read that right. These guys seem to bring together an unusual combination of genres and they make it work. Their songs are smart and tricky and manage to throw a few curve balls your way when listening. The best part is that this is totally unexpected at first, so you might need a few extra spins to go back and figure it all out. Much like they promise, opening track “Chaos” is undoubtedly chaotic, featuring some exhilarating momentum swings that see us through high-voltage guitar lickage and caffeinated drumming with sweeping hi-hats. The song ends with clanky cymbal hits along with that evil guitar hook, which goes a long way to show what these guys are all about. Their energy level is through the roof, but they can also create quite a tight sounding song while properly manifesting this wild energy.

This is seen again on the B-side in “Fuck the Days,” which offers up the heavier pop-punk side of their sound. “Acid Baby” throws more twists and turns our way, including the tom-heavy beats that drive the sharp, angular guitar solos that spiral out into a rowdy, punk-stomping anthem that is best experienced right below. Hear these tracks now then go snag the red vinyl from Whoa! Boat Records!

Genre/ Tags: Alternative, Post-Punk, Grunge, Pop
Chaos 7″ EP: Tracklist:
1.) Chaos
2.) Fuck the Days
3.) Acid Baby

BUY the 7″ directly from Whoa! Boat Records – first 100 on red vinyl !
Guntown on Facebook
Guntown on Bandcamp

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