White Lung – Sorry

WHITE LUNG hail from Vancouver, BC and Sorry is their sophomore LP on Deranged Records. These evil, manic punk rockers certainly know how to keep the pace with their relentless post-hardcore snarl.

This four piece band is comprised of “three wicked witches and a greedy miser” (three girls and a guy) and together they take absolutely no prisoners at all. This shouldn’t be a surprise considering their berserk form of wicked punk rock doesn’t miss a single beat. Opening track “Take the Mirror” proves this immediately with the crusty sounding guitar pummel that starts the track, followed by tight, ruthless drumming and Mish Way’s disgusted vocals that follow in their beaten path. Screaming guitars call most, if not all of the shots throughout this raging album, whether it’s the evil, melodic soloing of “St. Dad” or the sharp, searing leads of a song like “Bag.” These guitar leads create a noisy element throughout most of these tracks, leaving you no other choice but to endorse this harsh, fierce noise-punk. Take a later track like “Those Girls” for added proof – it’s an excellent combination of everything White Lung has to offer, from the noisy, shredded guitars all the way down to the strong and sturdy percussion that is undoubtedly the foundation of these brutal songs.

If you’re still not convinced, these songs below are just for you. See what White Lung are all about and then go and snag the LP from Deranged Records – you still have a shot to get the color vinyl before they’re all gone. Act fast!

Take the Mirror –

Bag –

Those Girls –

My Rating: SS
Genre/ Tags: Punk, Noise Rock, Hardcore
Sorry LP: Tracklist:
1.) Take the Mirror
2.) St. Dad
3.) Thick Lip
4.) Bag
5.) Bunny
6.) I Rot
7.) Glue
8.) Those Girls
9.) Bad Way
10.) Dead Beat

BUY the LP directly from Deranged Records – get the limited color vinyl while ya still can !
White Lung on Facebook
White Lung on Tumblr

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