Martyr Privates – Bless 7″

Here’s a new one that just showed up on our radar. It’s the debut 7″ Bless from MARTYR PRIVATES on Bon Voyage Records, a psyched-out garage three piece hailing from Brisbane, Australia.

This still fairly new trio formed in the early months of 2011 and Bless appears to be their first single. The two tracks included on the 7″ give us an awesome snapshot of the band and their sound while also leaving us chomping at the bit for more material. There’s no telling right now exactly when that will be, so these two tracks will just have to hold you over.

The single begins with “Bless,” a hot and heavy psych monstrosity with a relentless guitar crunch that will singe the eyebrows clean off your face. The simple hook continues to charge through without fear, broadened by crashing percussion and searing guitar solos that only help raise the temperature of this scorching track. Flip over to the B-side and we’re met with “Native Son,” a track with a melted complexion that lazily drags its feet across the burning hot sand. This melted complexion stems from the lethargic twang of the guitar, driven by the careless punch of the bass deep below the surface.

As these songs play out, it’s hard not to detect the palpable layer of sweltering haze that saturates these tracks with their muggy humidity. We strongly advise that you listen to both sides of the record below and it might not be a bad idea to snag the vinyl while you’re at it – there’s only 300 to go around!

My Rating: SS
Genre/ Tags: Psychedelic, Garage Rock, Alternative
Bless 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Bless
2.) Native Son

BUY the 7″ directly from the Bon Voyage Bandcamp – limited to 300 !
Martyr Privates on Facebook

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