Dead Luke – Born to Misbehave 7″

In case you weren’t aware, this DEAD LUKE single was originally nixed by Kind Turkey Records in order to make room for the Lonesome Savages 7″ we covered back in March. The only bad news about that is that means there’s one less Dead Luke 7″ out in the world, but it was for a worthy cause.

“Born to Misbehave” is a track that sounds like it could have probably been a part of Meanwhile… In the Midwest, however it may not have fit in properly due to the loose compositional element of that album. As the song unfolds, all signs point directly to Dead Luke – his mark is all over these tracks. Bluesy acoustic guitars slowly grow until the heated psychedelic undertone begins to burn through with searing guitar solos to lead the way. The song continues to trail off into psyched-out blues rock obscurity, wandering without much of a destination with plenty of frothy atmospheric haze and chunky bass lines to keep us curious as the track swallows us whole. Within the final two minutes the song begins to lose its momentum and dies out lazily.

This brings us to the B-side cover of “Ghost Rider” from the 1977 self-titled album by Suicide. It’s riddled with sharp guitar twangs and a simple bass line that drives the whole song, not to mention a particularly unexpected wash of warbled electronics that might leave you second-guessing what you just heard. Not need to wonder though – just listen to both of these tracks below.

Born to Misbehave –

Ghost Rider –

Genre/ Tags: Blues Rock, Psychedelic, Lo-Fi
Born to Misbehave 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Born to Misbehave
2.) Ghost Rider

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