Heavy Cream – Super Treatment

Here’s the sophomore LP from Nashville trio HEAVY CREAM on the one and only Infinity Cat Records. Super Treatment sees the band taking on a fuzzy strand of pop punk that takes no prisoners.

This time around this rowdy three piece cooks up a sound we should all already be familiar with, however they throw a shit-ton of extra fuzz into the mix for a sloppy good time. The best part is this becomes clear within the first ten seconds of the album (“’79”) and you’ll already be swearing in ecstasy. Songs sound heavy and brash thanks to the weight of the staggering guitars, not to mention the bruising rhythm section and relentless fervor that drives each track. Eleven new songs offer up their scuzzy pop-punk in short and sweet little doses that rarely reach the three minute mark. These songs are driven by a menacing punk energy that overflows from all sides and forms a steaming puddle of excess filth on the floor. Crackling guitars sound ready to explode at any moment with their splitting rage, which is easily evidenced by just about any track on the album.

Take a bruiser like “The Jam” or “Prison Shanks” if you want a quick result. The stomping tom-toms combine with the crunch of the guitar for a pummeling onslaught, creating a lethal sound that’s heavy on the ears but good for the soul. That being said, this material is remarkably raw and still manages to exceed expectations. This happens again in “John Johnny” where Jessica McFarland calls the shots with her authoritative and shrieking wail, coming full circle with a rough and scratchy guitar solo that seals up a picture-perfect track. Later on, “Evil Eye” is an excellent closer that definitely helps sum up everything about the album. Guitars sound plagued by a fuzzy static that literally drowns the rest of the song, resulting in a huge metallic finale that may leave your ears bleeding.

Once it’s all said and done you’ll probably want to live in the crunchy madness that is Super Treatment no matter how much the crunch makes you cringe. Heavy Cream should already be seen as a staple of the ever-growing and ever-talented garage rock scene in Nashville, but this just futher proves their case. They’re surrounded by great company and they have absolutely no problem adding their own attitude to the mix. Hear for yourself with each of these fierce tracks right below.

’79 –

John Johnny –

Evil Eye –

My Rating: SS
Genre/ Tags: Garage Rock, Punk, Pop
Super Treatment LP: Tracklist:
1.) ’79
2.) John Johnny
3.) Prison Shanks
4.) T.V. Preachers
5.) Bad Genes
6.) The Jam
7.) Louise
8.) I Know This
9.) Tunnel Vision
10.) Dead Beat
11.) Evil Eye

BUY the LP directly from Infinity Cat Records
Heavy Cream on Facebook

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