Giant Peach – Callous & Strange 7″

GIANT PEACH hail from New York and this appears to be their second 7″ to date. The trio originally began as a two-piece of guitarists/ vocalists Frances Chang and Mike Naideau before Dave Shotwell was added on drums in late 2010.

Together this energetic trio take on a heavier grunge rock sound with much more delicate vocals that don’t sound nearly as bold and brash as the instrumentation. You can feel the weight crushing down heavily in “My Love,” which is backed up by the soothing vocals of Chang to lead the way. A song like this just goes to show that they’re employing elements from both ends of the spectrum – namely the grungy guitars and the gentle vocals, which is definitely not your usual combination. These gentle vocals become a bit more clear within “No Fire,” which seems to shy away from the heavy stuff and takes on a much softer, easy flowing rhythm with its twangy guitars. That changes again with the finale “Wild Dogs,” which sees the band through fiery guitar hooks to close out the track. As you listen, it’s hard not to detect a palpable level of optimism, which gives these heavy songs an admirable amount of warmth to build on.

Genre/ Tags: Alternative, Grunge
Callous & Strange 7″: Tracklist:
1.) Almost Dying
2.) My Love
3.) No Fire
4.) Wild Dogs

BUY the 7″ – either from Life On An Island Records or Rok Lok Records – limited to 250 !
GIANT PEACH on Bandcamp

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