Blasted Canyons – 2nd Place EP

After coming out of nowhere last year, BLASTED CANYONS are back a second time with their new EP 2nd Place on Castle Face Records. This new EP features the same discontented and noisy rage that characterized their debut.

If there’s any band out there right now that truly knows how to assault your ears, it’s definitely Blasted Canyons. Their self-titled debut from last year made that undeniably clear in just over a half hour. Now with 2nd Place they seem to have done it again but things seems a bit more straight forward this time around instead of just sloppily flailing out in every direction (which wasn’t exactly a bad thing). Everything sounds like it’s been cleaned up around the edges with the exception of a few tracks.

Six songs make up their new EP for 18 minutes of ear-blasting noise-punk which features anything from swirling noise attacks riddled with metallic cacophony (“Finken’s Lament”) to more off-center pop monstrosities like “Liquid Fiend” or “Manson Eyes.” “Liquid Fiend” features blazing, fuzzed-out guitars that drive the song right into a lysergic synth hook that takes the track to a whole new level, which easily helps display their much more refined sound. Even before that, “Get High” proves this right at the start by opening the EP with a bang. Matt Jones guides us through the pulsing rhythm with his sharp, resonant howl, creating this totally unsettling track that will swallow you whole with its quivering guitars and stomping chorus. Check it below.

Get High –

Liquid Fiend –

My Rating: SS
Genre/ Tags: Punk, Experimental, Lo-Fi, Noise Rock
2nd Place EP: Tracklist:
1.) Get High
2.) Liquid Fiend
3.) Holy Geometry
4.) Finken’s Lament
5.) Manson Eyes
6.) Glass on Your Pillow

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