Plateaus – “Do It For You” Video + Interview

PLATEAUS – who were responsible for one of our favorite 7″ singles last year – are back at it again. This time they are putting the finishing touches on their upcoming 7″ from Hozac Records. To hold us over in the meantime, they just set free this brand new music video for the song “Do It For You” which will appear on the new 7″. We had a minute to catch up with the band and ask them about their new single and the new video – see what they had to say below.

How does your new single on Hozac compare with your earlier single on Art Fag?
Kevin: Quite well, I think. Apples and oranges? I dunno.
Jon: The new one has the whole band on it instead of just me and Kevin, Chris even sings the A-side. I think sonically this single is more abrasive than the last one.

The new music video for “Do It For You” is pretty rad. What was the inspiration for such an exhilarating video?
Chris: I guess the inspiration for the video would be the song. We gave the song to our friends Dusty and Derrik and after listening to it that was the concept they came up with.

And how exactly was that video created?
Chris: The video was made by Dusty Dirtweed of Mushroom Necklace and Derrik Acosta of Mega 64. Dusty made pretty much everything you see in the video by hand. He made almost everything out of pizza boxes and glue, then painted them. After everything was made him and Derrik made a set in his garage and filmed the video. Derrik then took all the shots and edited the photos into an animation.

What can we expect from Plateaus in the future after this new 7″?
Kevin: We are going out to Chicago real soon for the Hozac Blackout Fest, we’re playing a bunch of shows on the way out and on the way back. It’s gonna be fun, Red Cross and Roky Erickson! Also stoked to crack a Mike’s Hard with San Diego hometown heroes “The Spider Fever.”
Chris: We have another 7″ coming up shortly after the Hozac one, and an LP coming out this fall (both on Art Fag).
Jon: Expect to see us on the road more for sure.

There you have it folks. Plateaus seem to have their work cut out for them between now and the start of the summer. In the meantime the video above for “Do It For You” should hold you over until they start dropping these new records. Sit tight!

Genre/ Tags: Lo-Fi, Garage Rock, Pop

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