Outside World – Outside World CS

Benjamin Scott plays bass and sings in Chicago band Brain Idea. OUTSIDE WORLD is his side project which just released a brand new, self-titled cassette EP.

Going from what we already know about Brain Idea, it’s not too hard to figure out where this music is coming from. It falls into a similar vein with Brain Idea’s past material and as said by Scott himself, this music may even be “a bit more straightforward.” With the exception of one drawn out song like “Where Were You (Seems So True),” that is definitely the case. In just over 20 minutes the cassette offers melodic guitars with a slightly jangly edge, but nothing too noisy or overwhelming. Self-titled track “Outside World” shows off an element of innocence that makes these songs sound sweet while making them easily accessible. The same goes for the reverb drenched “All Day,” which kicks off with echoing guitar chords that seemingly indicate a warming atmosphere. However, the song changes momentum before the halfway mark and we’re swept away in a mysteriously fizzing abyss which lingers around until the end of the track. Hear these tracks below and then go listen to the rest of the cassette on the Outside World Bandcamp.

All Day –

You May Think –

Genre/ Tags: Pop, Post-Punk, Noise Rock
Outside World CS: Tracklist:
1.) Everyone Sees
2.) Outside World
3.) All Day
4.) Reach Out
5.) Where Were You (Seems So True)
6.) You May Think

BUY the cassette directly from the band on Bandcamp – only $5 and limited to 100 !
Outside World on Bandcamp

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